Welcome to the Ticketing Page for SouthWest StageWorks' and Playwrights West's production of

'Teen West Project: Year 7 - A Short In The Wire'

 Featuring 11 Plays By: The Writers of Playwrights West

Directed By: Matthew B. Zrebski

Performing February 14-16 and 21-23

A Short in the Wire is a traveling, site specific theatre experience. There are 6 different venues and 11 short plays as part of a two act evening. Each play is inspired by the question: how have you been shorted? This question, wide ranging in how it was perceived, will hopefully generate incredible dialogue within the Wilson student community - conversations around issues of disenfranchisement, outdated systems, archaic paradigms, and uncontrollable life factors that lead to feeling unable to fully climb the social and economic ladders of our time.

Featuring eleven different Playwrights West writers and over 50 members of SouthWest StageWorks' theatre performers and technicians, this immersive experience is not one to be missed!

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Ticket Pricing:

Adult: $15 General Admission

Student: $10 General Admission

Educator: $10 General Admission

Oregon Thespians: Free, with Thespian Card shown at the door

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