The money seats. They cost more cause you get more. Close to the action complete with a bottle of wine or beer and a participation pack! Get your best callbacks ready, people! It's time to shiver!

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Oh no.  Not again.  But oh yes...again!  For the fourth time, we're bringing Frank and the gang back to make that mystical step to the right.

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Ticket Pricing:
Main Stage

General Admission (Non-musicals): $35

General Admission (Musicals): $40

The first Sunday of each production is I Pay What I Can Sunday!  Sponsored by the Elbert W. Rogers Foundation.

The first Thursday night of each mainstage production is Young Professional's Night sponsored by West End Dental.

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The WHT Forum is a chance to hear a panel discussion of relevant topics to the play. The forums start at 6:30pm on the Wednesday before opening night and are free & open to the public.

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