Yasmin Williams

5/13 Saturday, 7PM

Based in Alexandria, VA, Yasmin Williams is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist with an unorthodox, modern style of playing. She utilizes various techniques including alternate tunings, percussive hits, and lap tapping in her music to great effect. Her “radiant sound and adventitious origins have made her a key figure in a diverse dawn for the solo guitar” —The New York Times.

Williams’ music has been described as rich, harmonious, and “in a lot of ways, the joy and possibility she brings to the guitar reminds me more of Eddie Van Halen than any of the other fingerstyle guitarists to whom she's compared” — NPR Music.

Swift Breeze

Yasmin Williams’ website: www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com

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The Nude Party

5/27 Saturday, 4PM

A septet formed at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina playing electro-pop and stripped down country. The Nude Party has performed with Orville Peck, Jack White, and Arctic Monkeys. They have given concerts at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Shaky Knees and Newport Folk Festival. Their Communal Catskills studio is not far from the West Kortright Centre and we are excited to have them perform here as the last concert on their new album tour.

Live on KEXP
Thirsty Drinkin' Blues

The Nude Party website: https://www.thenudepartymusic.com

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The Kody Norris Show

6/4 Sunday, 4PM

Deeply rooted in North American folk music, Norris has crafted a performance that harkens back and tips a hat to the traditions created by Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin’s showmanship, the Stanley Brothers’ harmonies, performances of the Grand Ole Opry and a bit of Vaudeville. Top notch picking is center stage, but humor and visual flash are part of the entertaining package. Always clad in colorful, tailored suits adorned with rhinestones, ties, classic hats and ornate boots, the band earns its moniker as a“show”. The brand is traditional, clean cut, acoustic and always entertaining. The Kody Norris Show was honored with seven SPBGMA nominations in 2018 and four nominations in 2022. In addition to winning Fiddler performer of the year, The Kody Norris Show was also named the 2022 Entertainer of the Year!


Little Maggie

Ramblin' Around

The Kody Norris Show Website:


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2023 Landscape and Garden Tour

6/18 Sunday

The 32nd annual tour to benefit the West Kortright Centre will be a journey along beautiful country roads. Get a rare insider look at how local garden enthusiasts have enhanced the natural beauty of their outdoor environments. On view will be a myriad of design sensibilities incorporating flowers, shrubs and trees, stonework, water elements, artwork, vegetable beds, and more.

Rain or shine. No dogs, please.

To give everyone a good experience during this popular self-guided tour, please pick your starting time slot at check out. 

Detailed informational directions will be sent before the weekend.

Contact info@westkc.org or (607) 278-5454 with any questions.

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Meredith Monk and John Hollenbeck - Duet Behavior 2023

7/22 Saturday, 7PM

Duet Behavior 2023 is an intimate evening of Meredith Monk’s music as it has never been experienced. Through a conversational approach, long-time friends and colleagues Monk and Hollenbeck expand and improvise on pieces from across Monk’s 50+ year catalogue, combining her pioneering vocal magic with his inventive and masterful percussion to generate new arrangements of Monk’s iconic compositions.

Meredith Monk, voice, piano, jew’s harp
John Hollenbeck, percussion


Duet Behavior: Meredith Monk and John Hollenbeck (2020)

Meredith Monk's website:


John Hollenbeck's website


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Noura Mint Seymali

8/19 Saturday, 7PM

Noura Mint Seymali is Mauritania's defining artist on the international stage. Drawing on the timeless repertoire of the Moorish griot, a hereditary class of musical poet / historians, her band conjures "a full blown sandstorm of hypnotic grooves, melding traditional Mauritanian instruments within an electrified psychedelic rock band.” Expanding a sound born of Arab and Sub-Saharan roots, Noura Mint Seymali bends the arc of Moorish musical tradition to fit our contemporary moment, as described by NPR, “the arrival of Mauritanian vocalist Noura Mint Seymali in front of Western audiences feels like the start of a new era. Recognized by the African Union at the first-ever AFRIMA awards, Noura Mint Seymali was named "Best Female Artist from North Africa."


Na Sane

Live on KEXP

Tiny Desk meets Global Fest 2023

Noura Mint Seymali’s website: www.nouramintseymali.com

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Mali Obomsawin

9/28 Thursday, 7pm

Mali Obomsawin is an award winning bassist/composer from Odanak First Nation. Her debut album Sweet Tooth (Out of Your Head Records 2022) has garnered international acclaim and quickly established her as a rising jazz star and an innovative folk music visionary. Seamlessly melding chorale-like spirituals, folk melodies, and post-Albert Ayler free jazz, Obomsawin's compositions occupy a universe completely their own.

Sweet Tooth has topped year end lists from NPR, The Guardian, Jazz Critics Poll, and more, delivering a suite of "gripping, dynamic, and thunderous music." —Jazz Times


Sweet Tooth, Movement 1


Mali Obomsawins’ website: www.maliobomsawin.com

This performance is sponsored by The Table Rock Group, Financial Advisors at Morgan Stanley

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