2019-2020 Season 14

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These Mortal Hosts
By Eric Coble

Online video available for purchase until April 26, 2020

After a tragedy devastates tiny Dove Creek, Colorado, the Mysteries begin. Earl can’t explain the change coming over him… Phyllis knows the impossible has become possible, and… Meaghan is trying to decipher the instructions coming from the voices she hears. Three seemingly random strangers find themselves thrust together at the center of the Mysteries as their lives, and bodies, hurtle toward events far beyond their comprehension. Whatever is happening, the whole town is suddenly swept up in events of epic proportion. The question is: Are they preparing for a miracle, or are they succumbing to madness? A riveting exploration of faith and community in small-town America.

Contains adult content and language.

Please click here for a note about trigger warnings.

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