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The Trouble With Summer People

by Tim Kelly

Directed by Emma Healy '18
Produced by Grace Shu '18

Yale Repertory Theater, 1120 Chapel St.

Thursday, Apr. 2 at 8:00pm
Friday, Apr. 3 at 8:00pm
Saturday, Apr. 4 at 2:00pm
Saturday, Apr. 4 at 8:00pm

Rupert Baxter, just out of the Army, meets future wife, Janis, at a skating rink (she fell down and he picked her up). They’ll honeymoon at “Wind Chimes,” a guest house on Cape Cod that belongs to his aunt. Sadly, a few weeks before they arrive, a nasty murder is committed: a boarder’s neck is broken by a noose. Since Rupert was with the military police, his aunt is certain he’ll discover “whodunit.” Rupert neglects to tell his aunt, however, that he was reduced in rank and assigned laundry duty for mistakenly arresting the Norwegian Ambassador. The murder is a perplexing puzzle, dealing with a rare set of coins called the “Canterbury Pennies.” Even though the season hasn’t started, summer people (tourists who stay for the summer) start appearing and a pesky kid who’s convinced he’s a criminologist begins to hamper about Rupert every step of the way. The Puckle Sisters, who run a funky gift shop, accuse the newlyweds of stealing a weather vane and the police chief is planning to arrest them. A storm (naturally) traps all of the suspects in the house, and they agree to play “the truth game.” In doing so, the killer is unmasked. Are the Canterbury Pennies real? Why are the shabby rooms three hundred dollars a night? And what has any of this got to do with bicarbonate of soda? Each role is a comic gem.

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A Chorus Line

Book by James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante
Music by Marvin Hamlisch
Lyrics by Edward Kleban
Directed by Anya Markowitz '17
Produced by Skyler Ross '16

Yale University Theater, 222 York St.
Friday, May 15 at 8:00pm
Saturday, May 16 at 2:00pm
Saturday, May 16 at 8:00pm
Sunday, May 17 at 8:30pm

Why do we do the things we do? What sacrifices are we willing to make for the things we care about? What are the stakes? 

From tape recorded sessions with real dancers emerged this Pulitzer Prize-winning musical that explores the deepest levels of personal motivation. Like the performers in A Chorus Line, we all have dreams that come to define who we are. We all make choices that come with costs. We all look for our own music and our own mirrors. 

Join us on Commencement Weekend as we tell the stories of these chorus line dancers, and learn about our own in the process.

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