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Mask and Wig 2022 Fall Show:
Better Call Y'all!

October 12-15, 2022 at Iron Gate Theater

The air is growing cooler, the leaves are turning colors, and you just slept through your first midterm. You know what that means: it’s Harvest Season! Lights up on a bustling farm in the Pennsylvania countryside. The pigs are rolling in the mud with glee, the sheep are grazing out on the meadow, and the brown cows are hard at work making chocolate milk. But, while the farmers have become distracted by the midterm election culture wars, the animals have started to grow tired of their working conditions. Guided by the light of the Harvest Moon, they sneak off the farm to pursue the American dream by getting college degrees. After all, higher education stimulates the economy! At least that’s what Adam Grant told me. Which is good because we’re in a recession… I think? Our group of heroes — two pigs, two sheep, three cows, and one loud-ass chicken — now find themselves at Penn, ready for whatever Philly is gonna throw at them. Will our brave protagonists pass their writing seminars? Will Dr. Oz win Pennsylvania’s Senate seat? Will the livestock ever return to the countryside? Are we gonna do an Animal Farm? If it’s not past-ure bedtime, come and find out in Mask and Wig’s Fall Production: BETTER CALL Y’ALL!

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