The Wind in the Willows


By Andrew Gordon
Based on the book by Kenneth Grahame
Music by Bruce Whitney
Original Lyrics by Daven Tillinghast, Andrew Gordon, and Bruce Whitney
Directed by Andrew Gordon

Recommended for ages 5 on up to adults

Toad is always keen to take on the latest fad, but his new obsession with motorcars might lead to ruin. Can loyal Mole, clever Rat, and stalwart Badger save Toad from himself, and take back Toad Hall from the weasels of the Wild Wood? The Wind in the Willows was originally produced at OFT in 2012. This is a joyful, musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s classic children’s tale by local writers and composers. It is a story of adventure and discovery about finding your place in the world and the enduring power of friendship.

If you enjoyed A Year with Frog and Toad, you’ll love The Wind in the Willows!

During the entire run of THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS,  bring a clean and gently used coat (kids or teen sized preferred) and we will bring it to a local agency that needs that size. Bring 1 coat and you’ll get a voucher for 1 concessions item!

Number the Stars

JANUARY 31 – FEBRUARY 16, 2020

Based on the Book by Lois Lowry
Adapted by Dr. Douglas W. Larche
Directed by Samantha Chandler

Recommended for ages 6 on up to adults

This stirring adaptation of the Newbery Award-winning book is set in Copenhagen in 1943. Young Annemarie and her family face soldiers, interrogations, fierce dogs, personal danger, the loss of loved ones and face their darkest fears as they try to help their friend Ellen escape the Nazis across the ocean to safety in Sweden. Witness all the drama, adventure, and humor come to life on our stage that have made Number the Stars a national bestseller.

Produced with permission from The Dramatic Publishing Company.

If you enjoyed The Hundred Dresses or Orphan Train, you’ll love Number the Stars!

Suzette Who Set to Sea

MARCH 20 – APRIL 4, 2020

By Finegan Kruckemeyer
Directed by Elizabeth Lord

Recommended for ages 5 on up to adults

Travel with us all to a mythical seaside village where men build boats and women do not. Young Suzette knows she is different – she longs to set sail and believes she is meant for grand seafaring adventures. One day, the fishermen don’t return and Suzette is forced to do that most difficult thing – prove herself worthy of her destiny. Loading her loved ones onto a boat she has secretly built, Suzette sets to sea. Don’t miss this delightfully original story full of humor and surprises.

If you enjoyed Flora & Ulysses or Pinocchio, you’ll love Suzette Who Set to Sea!

The Alphabet Caper

A world premiere musical by the creative team behind Cinder Edna!

MAY 15 – JUNE 7, 2020

Book by Ted Ryle
Music and Lyrics by Ted Ryle and Miriam Sterlin
Any Bunny Can story by Ted Ryle and Kate Ayers

Recommended for ages 5 on up to adults

This all-new original musical adventure takes place in 3rd Grade Halonah’s bedroom where her imaginary friends are the letters of the alphabet and an expression of her creative and emotional life. Halonah’s world is turned upside down when she learns she is having a baby sister. Things start to go sideways with her alphabet friends too. The vowels revolt against the consonants, one of the letters disappears entirely, and the caper commences!

If you enjoyed Cinder Edna, you’ll love The Alphabet Caper!

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