Friday, December 2, 2022 @ 7:00pm.

All ages! The show will run 1.5 hours, including an intermission

It is the time to ask not what you can do for the theater, but what the theater can do for you!

Join us for a night of family-friendly hilarity and magic in the fun and fantastical world of improv! Olympia Family Theater’s first ever improv troupe The Real Faker’s Dozen is making its debut, and it has magical powers . . .

For example! A campfire in the forest can be instantly erased to make way for a space station in the next scene. Or, a wizard accidentally turning her apprentice into a frog could then be a dad fixing breakfast. Anything can happen once you bring your imagination into the theater and allow our troupe to work its magic.

During this special night of alternate realities, we encourage and welcome ideas from the audience, but those who wish to sit back and relax will be equally entertained.

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Nyx and the Long Night

A co-production with
String & Shadow Puppet Theater

An original winter folk myth.

Co-created by Emily McHugh, Donald Palardy, & Lily Raabe
Directed by Luz Gaxiola

Recommended for ages 5 on up to adults

Once upon a time there were two sisters: Sol, a child of Day, and Luna, a child of Night. Every day they played a game of catch in the sky, tossing the sun and the moon between them. Everything changed the day they dropped the sun. Now, the world has been dark for a very long time – an endless winter solstice. Perhaps a young woman named Nyx will be the answer. Part girl, part tree, and raised under the light of the stars, her magic and courage might just save the world.

Filled with music, puppetry, and friendship - our tale will create an opportunity for families to come together around the Solstice and to reflect on the ending of another year.


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Something Happened in Our Town

A family-friendly play about racial injustice written by Seattle playwright Cheryl West

written by Seattle playwright: Cheryl West
directed by: Melissa Avril Harris
assistant directed by: Jordan Richards

Recommended for ages 7 on up to adults

Based on the acclaimed book by child psychologists Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins and Ann Hazzard, Something Happened in Our Town follows the journey of two kids, Josh and Emma, after something terrible happens in their town. The play invites us into the living rooms of two families - one white and one Black - as they discuss a police shooting and attempt to help their children make sense of what has happened. Layered with compassion and humor, Something Happened in Our Town gives families tools to navigate challenging conversations about racial injustice with empathy and awareness.

In addition to the play, OFT is developing post-play conversations, resource kits, and workshops to provide additional support around these topics.


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The Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus

A whirlwind adventure about five friends and a coyote who want to save the world by Eric Coble

written by: Eric Coble
directed by: Rebecca Rogers

Recommended for ages 5 on up to adults

This unique twist on traditional storytelling brings the audience into a magical desert landscape where young Sheila and her band of buddies are out of school for the summer and building the most epic fort ever. Something strange happens one night when the fort draws the attention of a well-dressed coyote and our young heroes are transported into the middle of a moonlit desert facing The Council of Howls, The Sting Brigade, The Death Cactus and more.

This whirlwind adventure is about respecting the environment and the animals with whom we share the planet - and asking whether we are ready to take on the mission of saving the world from ourselves.


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Alice in Wonderland: A New Musical

An imaginative, musical twist on a classic tale written by Lavinia Roberts with music by Ahmed Alabaca

written by: Lavinia Roberts
directed by: Lily Raabe
music by: Ahmed Alabaca

Recommended for ages 5 on up to adults

Based on the beloved book by Lewis Carroll, our new musical adaptation will be filled to the brim with magic, puppets, and an original musical score. The play will explore what it means to be a child navigating the world of adults and being asked to play by rules that sometimes make no sense. Ultimately - will Alice be brave enough to say ‘no more’ and topple the cards that are stacked against her?

With all the characters you love coming to life onstage, our production will also feature a few fresh surprises, including a menagerie of puppets from String & Shadow Puppet Theater.


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We believe that access to art is a human right - which is why we are piloting an ACCESS FOR ALL ticketing initiative for this spring.

ACCESS FOR ALL is an experiment in social equity! Producing theater costs money, and ticket sales play a huge role in our ability to sustain our work. However, we also believe in allowing community members to choose the best or most appropriate ticket price for them. If folks who can pay a little more do, it will empower others to pay a little less when they need to. The outcome? Everyone will be able to attend the theater - and we’ll be able to keep the lights on.

ACCESS FOR ALL tickets will be reservable online on a sliding scale of $5-$35. Additionally, a portion of the house will be held for walk-ups. Walk-up tickets will be available free-of-cost (although you are welcome to pay if you have the resources to)! Walk-up tickets can only be claimed the day of the performance at the box office an hour before the performance.

All seating is general admission and begins about 20 minutes prior to performance time.

COVID-19 protocols:

(1) Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required for classes or shows on Fridays and Saturdays. However, we will require masks at all Sunday performances at the theater to ensure greater accessibility for more people.

(2) We are not currently requiring proof of vaccination.

(3) We ask that you please stay home if you are feeling unwell. We are happy to offer to reschedule your tickets – for free – if you are feeling unwell. Together, we can keep everyone safe.

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