INVIOLABLE - THE FIGHT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS plus Q & A with Director Angela Andersen

The Martha's Vineyard Film Center will premiere the English version of Inviolable.

The documentary first aired in Germany and France in December 2018,  around the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It has been nominated for best documentary in Europe and selected by several film festivals in the US and elsewhere.

The images are vivid and often beautiful but the message is relentless.  With more and more emboldened authoritarian regimes the moral principles that ensure certain standards of human behaviour in our societies and which are regularly protected by law are threatened.

We meet people who are tirelessly fighting for human rights. Portraying a nurse in Africa, a student leader in HongKong, an environmental activist in Central America, a blind barefoot lawyer from China, journalists in Istanbul - these people give us hope that the fight is worth the struggle. Filmed in China, Guatemala, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Canada, USA, Indonesia, and Kenya.

critics call the film: "Spectacular - Impressive - Enlightening - Moving - A must see."

Director Angela Andersen will be present for a Q & A after the film.