Dry Bar Comedy Tour:
Alex Velluto and Friends

May 7, 2022 7:00 pm 
$15 $20 $30 Adult $10 $12 $15 Child

Since its launch just three years ago, Dry Bar Comedy specials have generated over TWO BILLION views on social media and generated millions of fans. As a member of the Dry Bar Comedy tour, he’s performed in the top comedy clubs across the country. He’s also appeared with the cast of JK Studios (Formerly Studio C) in their series “Loving Lyfe.” Alex’s humor is razor sharp and has been known to provoke laughter-induced pain on audiences everywhere. Alex will be joined on the Jewett Stage by two additional Dry Bar Comedy comedians for a night full of family-friendly fun!


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Adult Section A $30 Section B $20 Section C $15 

Child Section A $15 Section B $12 Section C $10