by Ken Ludwig

Bingham, president of the Quail Valley Country Club, is in a difficult position. Not by finding out that his newly hired hand, Justin, is in love with Louise, the waitress at the club house. Instead, the discovery that the golfer he thought would play for his club has switched sides and has been recruited by his counterpart and opponent, the cocky and arrogant Dickie. The huge bet he had foolishly wagered is now likely to be lost. Fortunately, he discovers that Justin is actually quite a good golfer and finagles his nomination. Justin does not disappoint and has a huge lead, when close to its end the tournament is interrupted by bad weather. When Justin learns that Louise has lost the engagement ring he gave her - she accidentally flushed it down the toilet - he comes unglued. The game resumes the next day, but Justin loses the lead and, upset, takes an unfortunate swing breaking his arm. Bingham is desperate, and the appearance of his wife complicates the matter, as she catches him much too close to Pamela, his sex-starved vice-president. Can Bingham find a replacement for Justin to win the game, win the wager, and get his life in order?

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