Sierra Madre Playhouse presents "Ferrara 1590" with Tesserae Baroque, scheduled for Sunday at 2 PM. This concert offers an immersive journey into 16th-century Italian keyboard music, showcasing the transition to the Baroque style, particularly through the works of Girolamo Frescobaldi.

Frescobaldi, born in Ferrara, was a key figure in the evolution of keyboard music, integrating various musical traditions. The program explores the rich keyboard music associated with the Este family's ducal rule in Ferrara, reflecting the influences on Frescobaldi's early career.

Ian Pritchard, an expert harpsichordist, will lead the performance, featuring pieces by composers like Merulo, Gabrieli, Ercole Pasquini, Macque, and others. The concert aims to recreate the sounds and ambience of keyboard music from Frescobaldi's youth.

Tickets: $35-45

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Tickets: $35-45

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