Library Girl Presents: Look of the Loner

Please join me for A Rare Evening with Texas Singer-Songwriter Vince Bell.
He will be reading from his original show, One Man's Music,
and performing songs from his recent, critically-acclaimed album, Ojo
(produced by Bob Neuwirth, Dave Soldier, Patrick Derivaz).

About this album, T-Bone Burnett wrote: "Ojo is shamanism."

About Vince Bell and his show, Peter Cooper of The Tennessean wrote,
"This is a sad, triumphant tale of distance and reunion, of shrapnel and balm,
and a man and his guitar who manage to find poetry in tenacity. This work is communal."

Beloved NY musician Ratso B. Harris will be accompanying Vince

Singer-Songwriter Mason Summit opens the evening

Also featuring a reading by Playwright/Poet/Essayist Leon Martell

Sunday Night, August 12th at 7 PM

$10 Admission includes Dessert
Free Parking

Please purchase tickets in advance to be assured a seat

Library Girl is now in its 9th year.
Created, Produced + Curated by Susan Hayden
Managing Director: Mike Myers
Production Support: William T. Ensley, Nicole Millar + Paul Denk

All proceeds from this show donated to Ruskin Group Theatre

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General Admission $10.00 

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