Library Girl Presents: That’s What You Get For Loving Me
Tribute to Waylon Jennings + 9 Year Anniversary Show in Words + Music

Featuring readings by writers Bruce Ferber, Julio Martinez,
Aruni Wijesinghe + Conney Williams.

Featuring Waylon songs performed by singer-songwriters Bliss Bowen,
Lisa Finnie (w/Tim Fleming + Dylan Thomas),
Irene Greene, JD Hinton,
special guest (from Memphis) Dan Montgomery,
Chris Mulkey, Dan Navarro, Amilia K Spicer
+ Mason Summit.

Sunday Night, October 14th

Please Note: This evening begins at 6 PM with Tacos + Gorditas + an Open Bar!
Show begins at 7:15 ish.
$10 admission includes Dinner, Drinks, Dessert.
There will be one intermission where food + drinks will still be served.

Please Choose Which Performance To Attend:

General Admission $10.00 

As a courtesy to our patrons there is no additional service fee for online purchases.