A biting comedy that exposes the personal and power relationships of five characters in the VIP room of the racetrack as a huge score hangs in the balance.

A Piece of My mind
What is it like to nearly lose your life, along with everything that gives you a sense of identity? What is it like to suddenly find yourself a stranger in your own mind? And what is it like to work your way back, against all odds? Renowned actor, director and professor Eric Barr developed an infection following open-heart surgery that triggered a series of devastating strokes, robbing him of speech, movement, and all his future plans. But it didn't rob him of hope. Eric never gave up, even when it seemed he'd lost everything. Through it all he kept his sense of humor and optimism, and he's back on his feet, to tell you the tale. Eric's one man show, "A Piece of My Mind" takes you on his journey from near-death to recovery and reinvention, a celebration of life and the human spirit.

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