Rob Morrow 

Marcia Cross

Emmitt Butler

Fiona Dorn 

Barret T. Lewis 

Isaac, a Holocaust survivor who arrived in New York City as an orphan, reinvented himself and built a thriving publishing empire. Known for championing passionate authors, his life's work faces upheaval after a personal tragedy. As his children push for a commercial hit to save the company, Isaac's unwavering dedication to a controversial project tests family bonds and his legacy. Will he stand by his convictions, or will the lure of commercial success prevail?


Library Girl Presents: Into This House We're Born
Celebrating the lyrical essence of The Doors music.
Curated with Michael C Ford and Jim Coke.

Featuring: Willie Aron, Ingrid Calderon Collins, Michael C Ford, Olive Gamble,
Susan Hayden, Steve Hochman, Alexandra Nagler, Joan Jobe Smith,
Mason Summit, Fred Voss and Surprise Guests!


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