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Directed by: Ellen Frattino

By: Arthur Miller


In the exciting drama The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the town of Salem falls into mass hysteria as a group of teenage girls accuse their neighbors of witchcraft in an attempt to avoid punishment after their own dabbling in the occult. This gripping retelling of the infamous Salem witch trials explores themes of the abuse of power, the destruction caused by false accusations, and the importance of standing up for truth and justice. Don’t miss this exciting drama about the purge of witchcraft in old Salem.

NOTICE - Strobe effect is used during the production of this play. 

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Directed by: Jay Nixon

Book: Marshall Brickman
Book: Rick Elice
Music and Lyrics: Andrew Lippa

NOVEMBER 17 - DECEMBER 10  (PREVIEW: 11/16) Note - no perfomance Thanksgiving day

In the kooky, upside-down world of the Addams Family, to be sad is to be happy, to feel pain is to feel joy, and death and suffering are the stuff of their dreams. Nonetheless, this quirky family still has to deal with many of the same challenges faced by any other family, and the spookiest nightmare faced by every family creates the focus for this musical: the Addams kids are growing up. You won’t want to miss this one!

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Directed by: Pat Thompson

By Jack Neary.


You think you know the whole story of the classic 1933 film King Kong? Think again! In the film, Broadway producer Carl Dennam sets out to capture a terrifying forty-foot ape, King Kong --- the bait, beautiful blond actress Ann Farrow. When first mate Jack rescues Ann from the beast, Dennam traps Kong and transports him to Manhattan to star in a Broadway show. But lovelorn Kong has other ideas! He escapes, rampaging throughout the city in search of Ann.
Now here’s the backstory. Producer Myron Siegel’s entire career has been constantly sabotaged by Dennam. So Siegel is furious when he learns that Dennam has booked a “mystery” show to open in the theater next door to where Siegel’s next show will open the very same night. Siegel gathers his entourage—his sassy, ex-stripper, mother, his gangster henchman, his Hungarian backer, and his wide-eyed niece —and concocts a plan to find out what the mystery show is all about and prevent Dennam from ruining his show. As this screwball comedy unfolds there are mistaken identities, pies in the face, cat fights, kidnapping, ape fights, deceit, underhandedness and even some romance, as Siegel and his entourage collide with Dennam, Ann and Jack to save Siegel’s show.

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Directed by: Kaylene Sattano

Music Adam Gwon
Lyrics Adam Gwon

MARCH 22 - APRIL 14 (PREVIEW 3/21) 

Experience the beauty of simplicity and the extraordinary in the ordinary with Ordinary Days. This intimate and introspective musical follows the lives of Deb, a graduate student that loses the notebook that contains all of her notes for her thesis somewhere on the streets of New York, Warren, a struggling artist and professional cat sitter who finds the notebook, Jason and Claire, a couple inching toward marriage who can’t seem to completely figure each other out. Through a series of chance encounters and unexpected connections, their individual stories begin to intersect, revealing the profound impact that everyday encounters can have on our lives.

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Directed by: Sandra Wilcox

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Adapted by: Ken Ludwig

MAY 24 - JUNE 9  (PREVIEW 5/23) 

Picture a world where pirates rule what we call Earth. Humanity's desire to find hidden treasures will take them to heights they never imagined. Based on the masterful adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island is an epic adventure from Ken Ludwig. It begins at an inn on the Devon coast of England and quickly becomes an unforgettable tale of treachery and mayhem featuring a host of legendary swashbucklers including the dangerous Billy Bones, the sinister two-timing Israel Hands, the brassy woman pirate Anne Bonney, and the hideous form of evil incarnate Blind Pew. Sail the vastness of space to find Captain Flint’s treasure in this coming of age tale that is out of this world! Join Jim Hawkins, as he navigates the universe longing for adventure with the infamous Long John Silver, perhaps the most famous hero-villain of all time. Silver’s greedy quest for gold, coupled with his affection for Jim, cannot help but win the heart of every soul who has ever longed for romance, treasure, and adventure.

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Directed by: Brandon Hall

By Lin-Manuel Miranda

JULY 19 - AUGUST 11  (PREVIEW 7/18) 

In the Heights, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, tells the universal story of a vibrant community in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood – a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. It’s a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams and pressures, where the biggest struggles can be deciding which traditions you take with you, and which ones you leave behind.

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