Heartbreakers in Hell

Music by Joey Contreras

Book & Lyrics by Benjamin Halstead


Utah Premiere 

There are exactly nine ways to break a heart, and there’s a special place in Hell for each type of heartbreaker. This modern day adaptation of Dante's Inferno explores what happens to the souls who commit each sin of Love, intertwining Aligheieri’s medieval mythic Hellscape with the realities of modern-day dating. We follow Dante as he journeys deeper and deeper into the fiery depths, encountering the sinners, monsters, and punishments within each circle of Hell, complete with its own visual, emotional and musically sonic experience. “The path to Paradise begins in Hell'' in this new musical that’s like Company meets a Lady Gaga concert.

Content advisement: adult language, sexual situations, moderate suggestive dialogue. 

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The Two Character Play

by Tenessee Williams

January 13-30, 2022

Friday-Saturday @ 8:00 PM

Sunday @ 4:00 PM

ASL Performance January 22

Finding themselves deserted by their troupe and faced with an audience expecting a performance, actor/siblings Clare and Felice enact The Two-Character Play. As they dip in and out of performance, they find it difficult to differentiate themselves from their roles and reality from illusion.

Content advisement: adult language, gendered language, race/ethnicity language, moderate violence. 

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Man and Moon

by Siena Marilyn Ledger

March 24-April 10, 2022

Friday-Saturday @ 8:00 PM

Sunday @ 4:00 PM


ASL Performance April 2

Utah Premiere

Aaron, a transitioning man, meets Luna, a twelve-year-old girl with a deep passion for outer space, in the waiting room of a hospital's Oncology Unit. Together they learn how to wait, navigating each their own changing bodies and lives as they fit within the context of space and time.  

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its not a trip, its a journey 

by Charly Evon Simpson

May 5-22, 2022

Friday-Saturday @ 8:00 PM

Sunday @ 4:00 PM

ASL Performance May 14

Utah Premiere 

June needs to go on a journey so she convinces three friends to join her on a road trip west. A play about tumbleweed, friendship, being Black, and needing to soothe something you don’t always have the words for.

Content advisement: adult language, some sexual situations, threat of violence.

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Ticket Pricing:
General Admission
$17.00 (valid ID required at door)

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