Feb 24-26, 2023

“Radiant” soprano Sherezade Panthaki debuts with Les Délices for a sumptuous program of French baroque cantatas that celebrates the sensuous abundance of nature. Louis-Nicolas Clérambault’s lush soundscapes instead transport us to the Isle of Delos where rippling waves, rustling leaves, tender breezes, and birdsong fills the air, Montéclair’s beguiling Pan and Syrinx recounts the famous tale of the wood nymph transformed into singing reeds, and scenes from Rameau’s The Enchanted Lyre (or The Surprises of Love) complete the program.



April 21-23, 2023

Inspired by flowering humanism and flourishing arts under the patronage of the “First Lady of the Renaissance” Isabella D’Este (1474-1539), we feature international guest artist Anna Danilevskaia (dir. Solazzo Ensemble) with favorite collaborators Scott Metcalfe and Elena Mullins in music by late-15th century masters Busnois, Agricola, Josquin, and others.


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