The Vile Veterinarian

or... How Much is that Doggie with the Window?

Life is ’ruff’ in Woof Creek, and the Nein to Five Pet Store and Hotel is in the doghouse. The gold has run out, and all of the miners have left town, leaving their animals behind. Poor, sweet Polly Purina and her grandma, Kay Nein, are struggling to make ends meet at the pet store. They are overrun with animals but don’t have enough customers to pay their bills. Though they are about to lose their home and business, they don’t have the heart to turn away the cats, cows, dogs, pigs and snakes that the handsome animal rights advocate, Hugh Kandoit, brings to them. Just when it seems Polly and Kay will be forced into the streets, the devious duo, Ray Beeze and Kitty Litter, arrive in town, posing as a veterinarian and his assistant. They really just want the gold they know is hidden in the caves surrounding the Nein to Five, and they plot to strike it rich with an evil scheme! Join us at the Star Theater to find out what happens next!

Written by Rachel Davidson. Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado

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