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Purchase concert tickets and enroll for classes here!


Virtual concert presentation tickets are $15 each for individuals and $20 for households (includes two or more people in one residence).


Details about spring classes are available here.

Virtual classes are $25 each.

Purchase five or more classes at once for a $2 discount per class.

If you purchase all five classes for the Shira Kammen mini-series at once, you will receive a $15 discount for the mini-series.

This discount cannot be combined with the indvidual class discount.

To purchase multiple classes in a mini-series, please return to this main ticketing page by selecting "continue shopping" after you select your first class. From there, click "purchase" for the same mini-series and select another date.


Orders are also available by phone (510-683-1674, M-F, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm). A $5 handling fee will be added to each order.

Once you complete your order, your emailed receipt will contain the option to “print your ticket(s)”. Please click on that link, and a ticket will open in your browser with another clickable link for your concert or class session. When it comes time for that concert or class session, the second link will come "live".
For classes: If available, a link for the class materials is also provided in the PDF ticket. Please click on the Zoom link, or use the user ID or password to connect, when time comes for the class.
We will be sending a reminder Zoom link, as well as relevant materials, two days before each of your registered sessions through Mailchimp. Please note that some emails may have difficulty receiving messages from Mailchimp; if this is the case for you, or if you register within two days of your class, please email Otherwise, materials will also be provided at the start of each class.


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