Steel Magnolias

By Robert Harling

June 6 - 22, 2024

In Chinquapin, Louisiana, all the ladies who are “anybody” come to Truvy’s beauty salon. Helped by her eager new assistant, Annelle (who is not sure whether she’s still married), the wise-cracking Truvy dispenses shampoos and free advice to Ouiser (the town’s rich curmudgeon), Miss Clairee (an eccentric millionaire with a raging sweet tooth), and M’Lynn, the local social leader whose pretty daughter, Shelby, is about to marry a “good ole boy.” Filled with both hilarious repartee and moving drama, the story is touching, funny, and marvelously lovable.

Content advisory: Adult situations, simulated gunshots
Approximate run time: 2 hours and 20 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission

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Unnecessary Farce

By Paul Slade Smith

July 18 - August 3, 2024

Two cops. Three crooks. Eight doors. Go! In a cheap motel room, an embezzling mayor is supposed to meet with his female accountant, while in the room next door, two undercover cops wait to catch the meeting on videotape. But there’s some confusion about who’s in which room, who’s being videotaped, who’s taken the money, who’s hired a hitman, and why the accountant keeps taking off her clothes.

Content advisory: Adult language and situations
Approximate run time: Coming soon

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By William Shakespeare

August 22 - September 7, 2024

In Shakespeare’s most enduring and influential play, the Danish prince Hamlet mourns his father’s death and his mother’s subsequent remarriage. When the ghost of Hamlet’s father appears and reveals that he was murdered, the prince feigns madness, contemplates life and death, and plots revenge on his uncle-turned-stepfather Claudius, who is now the king of Denmark. What follows is an epic and sweeping tragedy, as only the Bard can deliver.

Content advisory: Stage violence
Approximate run time: Coming soon

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