Myth of the Ostrich

by Matt Murray

July 7-23, 2022

This Canadian comedy opens at the home of Holly, a self-help writer and single-mom to teenager, Jody. Holly's morning is interrupted when Pam shows up unannounced. Pam, having found a letter from Jody to her teenage son, Evan, deems the letter inappropriate and is eager to discuss matters. What starts as a pleasant enough visit between two moms meeting for the first time, quickly becomes a complicated, bizarre and hilarious roller-coaster ride of misunderstandings, as Holly soon realizes that Pam has no idea what’s actually going on between their kids. The mess and confusion of this precarious situation launches into orbit with the arrival of Holly’s outrageous and filter-less best friend, Cheryl. One lie leads to another and another and another, as Holly and Cheryl do everything in their power to try to keep Pam in the dark. Little does either of them know, Pam may not actually be the head-burying ostrich they think she is. This will be its Nova Scotian premiere.

Content warning: This production contains coarse language and mature themes. 

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Lauchie, Liza and Rory

by Sheldon Currie

August 4-27, 2022

From the author of The Glace Bay Miner's Museum comes this all-too-human comedy of unrequited love. Lauchie and Rory are twin brothers who could not be more different. Liza is married to one, but pines for the other. And they all live in a small mining community in 1940s Cape Breton Island. The play’s two actors switch characters at a dizzying pace playing parents, siblings, children, priests, and nuns to weave the tale of a warm and tightly-knit family coming to terms with the meaning of love and loyalty.

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The Hydrofoil Mystery

by Christy MacRae-Ziss

September 22-October 15, 2022

This adaptation of the popular Young Adult novel by Eric Walters will be its World Premiere. It's the summer of 1917. A teenage boy, Billy, is sent to work for the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Billy’s gotten into some bad habits and has other interests than cleaning out sheep pens and working hard for the summer. And clearly whatever’s going on in the boathouse is a really big secret. Adventure’s afoot, spies are lurking, and history is about to be made with Bell’s latest invention, the hydrofoil. Fun for the whole family, this new play is a high-spirited adventure bringing to light a little-known chapter of Canadian history.

This show is appropriate for all ages. 

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Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol

by Richard Quesnel

December 8-17, 2022

In 1843, 'A Christmas Carol' became one of the most popular books in the English language and has been credited by some as “almost single-handedly reviving the Christmas holiday.” In this adaptation of the holiday favourite, the audience sees the struggles faced by Charles Dickens in his writing of this classic novel. As Dickens creates the story, using only the power of his imagination and the inspiration gleaned from a small choir of wandering carolers, we not only see the beloved tale unfold of Ebenezer Scrooge and his amazing night of ghostly visitations, but find out why a Christmas Ghost-story was written in the first place. Infused with beautiful Victorian carols, dance, lots of humour and tender moments, this play by Canadian playwright Richard Quesnel will delight and inspire this Christmas season. 

This staged reading event will feature live music and is perfect for the whole family. Suitable for persons aged 7+

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