Half-Cracked: The Legend of Sissy Mary

by Mary-Colin Chisholm

July 6-August 6, 2023

What do you get when you pair a failing middle aged scholar with two spinster sisters living in the backwoods of Cape Breton Island who have a knack for weaving fact and fantasy into an impossible blend of truth, fiction and gossip? A quirky and hilarious comedy written by Nova Scotia playwright Mary-Colin Chisholm. When Scott’s car breaks down at the foot of Sissy Mary’s driveway, she believes it is destiny, much to the dismay of her fiercely protective sister Yewina. The sisters’ secluded lives are about to be shaken and Scott’s dead end existence upended in this very Cape Breton story about truth and lies, the bonds of sisterhood, some chickens and a cougar.

Content advisory: This production contains coarse language and mature themes.

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The Hydrofoil Mystery

by Christy MacRae-Ziss

August 18-September 24, 2023

It's the summer of 1917. A teenage boy, Billy, is sent to work for the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Billy’s gotten into some bad habits and has other interests than cleaning out sheep pens and working hard for the summer. And clearly whatever’s going on in the boathouse is a really big secret. Adventure’s afoot, spies are lurking, and history is about to be made with Bell’s latest invention, the hydrofoil. Fun for the whole family, this new play is a high-spirited adventure bringing to light a little-known chapter of Canadian history.

Content advisory: This production contains water based haze and the sound of a gunshot.

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A Theatre Baddeck Christmas

December, 2023

For one week only, the sounds of Christmas will ring out from Baddeck’s historic Masonic Hall. It’s an evening of beautiful Christmas music and hilarious and heartwarming sketches, featuring some of Theatre Baddeck’s beloved artists of the past 8 seasons as well as local talent! Staged cabaret style, patrons will enjoy light refreshments at their table as they take in the sights and sounds of the festive season and even sing along to some wonderful traditional carols.

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