The Fly Fisher's Companion

by Michael Melski

June 27-July 27, 2024

The Fly Fisher’s Companion is the very funny and poignant story of two lifelong friends who take an important fly fishing trip to Cape Breton's Margaree River. A classic odd couple, cantankerous Don is a hard nosed businessman and Wes is a chatty philosopher poet. They grew up together and raised their families on summer trips to the Margaree, but there are scars from their personal lives and the battlefields of World War II which have estranged them for years. Will this trip mark the bitter end or new beginning of a decades-old friendship?

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The Company Store

by Mary Vingoe

August 1-28, 2024

It is post war Reserve Mines, Cape Breton and, after a short stint in the air force, young Ian MacDonald has returned to a household in disarray. His parents are feuding for some mysterious reason and his younger sister seems to be up to no good. The MacDonald family is quintessentially Cape Breton, full of wit and hard edges but ultimately deeply loving. This is a comedy that perfectly captures the spirit of the island, its humour and the tenacity of its people, and the hardscrabble existence of these mining communities that are at the heart of Cape Breton’s history.

Contains coarse language

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