Educating Rita

Willy Russell

Follow the relationship between Rita, a young working-class hairdresser and Dr. Frank Bryant, a middle-aged University lecturer, during the course of a year. Brash, straight-talking Rita bursts into University night classes determined to change her life. Her tutor Frank is a jaded lecturer, a failed poet and a self-acknowledged ‘appalling teacher of appalling students’ who has just about given up. In need of some extra cash, he agrees to tutor Rita, totally unaware of the whirlwind that’s about to enter his world.
The play became a hit film starring Michael Caine and Julie Walters.

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The Stillborn Lover

by Timothy Findley

Winner of the Ells Award for Best Play and the Chalmers Canadian Play Award

The abrupt recall of a highly regarded Canadian ambassador from his post, the mysterious death of a Russian youth found brutally murdered in a Moscow hotel room, and the ambitions of an Ottawa diplomat combine to explore the darker side of loyalty and commitment. The stakes are high and diplomatic careers hang by a thread. This play is an alluring tale of mystery, betrayal, diplomacy and love.

Recommended for age 14 and up. Mature themes.

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Because restrictions due to covid can change with limited warning we are currently putting tickets on sale for each group's show on the opening night of the previous show for this season. Although we are not offering subscription packages, any subscribers from the 2019/20 season will receive subscription pricing on their single tickets for the 2021/22 season.

Upcoming Shows:

The Fantasticks (SMT)
May 5-21
Performances postponed from February dates.

Educating Rita (SP)
June 3-18
Performances postponed from March dates

The Stillborn Lover (STG)
July 8-23
Tickets on sale April 8 @ 8:00pm

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