The Golden Girls 3 - The Curse of Jessica Fletcher

An Interactive Playhouse Murder Mystery Spoof.

It’s another Golden Girls Christmas party, and Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia are all on hand to welcome guests. But when a murder takes place, all are suspects. Don’t worry—obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk is on hand to solve the mystery, with the help of the guests.

The Golden Girls 3 is a Playhouse Studio production.

New ticket sales only! No exchanges from Mainstage Shows or COVID-19 Cancelled Performances. No Season Tickets or Gift Certificates may be used for this show.

November 12 - 22, 2020

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The Velveteen Rabbit 

Theatre for Young Audiences.

In the world of toys, life begins when humans leave the room. When one group of toys discovers a velveteen rabbit, they learn what it means to be truly loved by their owner. Adapted from the classic story by Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit tells the story of the unconditional love between a boy and his toy bunny and how that love makes the rabbit real.

November 21, 28 and December 5, 12, and 19

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Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol

“Marley was dead, to begin with…” —and what happens to Ebenezer Scrooge’s mean, sour, pruney old business partner after that? Chained and shackled, Marley is condemned to a hellish eternity. He’s even given his own private tormentor: a malicious little hell-sprite who thoroughly enjoys his work. Desperate, Marley accepts his one chance to free himself: To escape his own chains, he must first redeem Scrooge. So begins a journey of laughter and terror, redemption and renewal, during which Scrooge’s heart, indeed, is opened; but not before Marley—in this irreverent, funny and deeply moving story—discovers his own.

December 4 - 20, 2020

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Based on the classic novella, this original adaptation takes you to the dismal streets of London in the 1860s, where societal pressures silence a gentle doctor's questions about the nature of morality. As the pressure intensifies, Dr Jekyll takes matters into his own hands. However, things take an eerie turn when his experiment takes on a life of its own. Will his efforts save the world, or will they destroy all that he holds dear? After all, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

January 29 - February 21, 2021

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To be announced...

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Dead Certain

Michael is an out-of-work actor who was once on the verge of stardom. Elizabeth is a theatre-obsessed ex-dancer who is now wheelchair-bound and lives alone in a large country house. When she contacts Michael’s agent and offers a large fee if Michael will visit her and act out a play she has written, he jumps at the chance. The suspense builds layer upon layer as this taut psychological thriller gathers speed at an alarming rate towards a gripping climax, where truth and illusion become almost inseparably entangled in a real life game of cat and mouse.

April 30 - May 23, 2021

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Neil Simon's
I Ought To Be In Pictures

Herb, a Hollywood scriptwriter currently “at liberty,” is surprised when his forgotten past reappears in the form of Libby, a teenage daughter who’s trekked from Brooklyn with dreams of movie stardom. With Steffy, his sometime paramour, at his side, Herb decides to take another stab at fatherhood and hopefully this time, get it right.

"A finely tuned theatrical blend of hilarity, honesty, directly and deeply felt emotion. Go." - WCBS-TV

June 11 - July 3, 2021

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Steve Martin's
Meteor Shower

Corky and Norm are excited to host Gerald and Laura at their home in the valley outside Los Angeles to watch a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower. But as the stars come out and the conversation gets rolling, it becomes clear that Gerald and Laura might not be all that they appear to be. Over the course of a crazy, starlit dinner party, the wildly unexpected occurs. The couples begin to flirt and insanity reigns. Martin, using his trademark absurdist humor, bends the fluid nature of time and reality to create a surprising and unforgettably funny new play.

"Mr. Martin is peerless at crafting tiny wit bombs, and always has been [...] It's definitely funny!" - The New York Times

July 30 - August 29, 2021 

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The Turn Of The Screw

From the story by Henry James, the inspiration for the Netflix hit The Haunting of Bly Manor...

Based on the provocative tale of suspense, horror and repressed sexuality, this adaptation gives the famous story yet another turn of its own. A young governess journeys to a lonely English manor house to care for two recently orphaned children. But she is not their first governess...

Now the new governess has begun to see the specters haunting the children, and she must find a way to stop the fiends before it is too late. But one frightening question tortures the would-be heroine: Are the ghosts real, or are they the product of her own fevered imagination?

September 17 - October 31, 2021

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Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some!)

Instead of performing Charles Dickens' beloved holiday classic for the umpteenth time, three actors decide to perform every Christmas story ever told -- plus Christmas traditions from around the world, seasonal icons from ancient times to topical pop-culture, and every carol ever sung. A madcap romp through the holiday season!

"A respectful homage and side-splitting parody at the same time." -
Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee

November 27 - December 19, 2021

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