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Daphne's Dive

by:  Quiara Alegria Hudes

"Daphne's Dive"** is a play about a bar and who doesn't love a play about a bar? And it's about family. The family you're born with... and the family you choose. In this case the family is in a bar run by Daphne.

Written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Quiara Alegría Hudes, who also wrote the book "In the Heights" (Lin Manuel Miranda's musical before "Hamilton"), "Daphne's Dive" is fun, sad, warm, entertaining, and very much about life as we all face it. We may all be "misfits" in one way or another, but we connect with each other and the "family" we build is what supports us and enables us to go on everyday.

Plus you get to spend the evening in a great bar... with no hangover!  And there's salsa dancing!

Drama, teens & up--language

7:25pm:  6/7, 6/8, 6/14, 6/15, 6/20, 6/21, 6/22

7:25pm:  6/13 benefit for Puerto Rican Relief & Restoration

1:55pm:  6/9, 6/16, 6/23

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