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by:  Tom Jacobson

What happens when Bunbury (Algie's "imaginary friend" from Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest) meets up with Rosaline (Romeo's "off-scene" love before Juliet)?  The resulting havoc to the classics of English literature is unimaginable and quite, quite funny.  Imagine Poe's Raven as a peacock saying, "Anytime" and Woolf's John and Martha joining AA.  If you love the classics and have a well developed sense of irony, you simply MUST see this play, darling!

Comedy Historical mash-up--Teens & Up

7:25pm:  3/8, 3/9, 3/15, 3/16, 3/21, 3/22, 3/23

1:55 pm:  3/10, 3/17, 3/24

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Driving Miss Daisy

by:  Alfred Uhry

The story focuses on the relationship of a crotchety elderly white Southern Jewish woman, Daisy Werthan, and dignified African-American man, Hoke Colburn, who becomes her chauffeur from 1948 to 1973, and the changes in attitude and life they both experience.  The play was the first in Uhry's Atlanta Trilogy, and won the 1988 Pulizer Prize for Drama.  The story was later made famous on film by Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman, and has won awards in revival on Broadway, as well as being remade and filmed numerous times for TV. 

Classic-All ages

7:25pm:  4/26, 4/27, 5/3, 5/4, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11

1:55pm:  4/28, 5/5, 5/12

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Daphne's Dive

by:  Quiara Alegria Hudes

Playwright Hudes wrote the book for the musical In the Heights, was a finalist in 2007, and won the Pulitzer in 2012 for Water by the Spoonful after which she dared herself to write something "warmer".  Daphne's Dive is the result.  The NY times said, "Daphne's Dive is the kind of place 'where everyone knows your name'...And like the characters on Cheers, the regulars at Daphne's make up an informal family whose triumphs and troubles we come to sympathize." "Daphne's Dive has a fierce compassion for its characters' diversity...there's an unassailable heart to all of Hudes' work...." -The Guardian US.

Drama, teens & up--language

7:25pm:  6/7, 6/8, 6/14, 6/15, 6/20, 6/21, 6/22

1:55pm:  6/9, 6/16, 6/23

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